What are Auto Loans? What’s Current Auto Loan Rates and How You Find Minimum and Best Auto Loan Interest Rates?


Here in this post, we discuss related to vehicle finance loans with their auto loan rates. We all nee vehicle and in some situation might be we take auto loan as well if you want buy car then purchase car title loans with the best car loan rates. Here you also find the new car loan rates and used car loan rates both are different. There are lots of loan providers available in market so how you can find one of the best in them.

What is Auto Loan :

Let’s first start with What is Auto Loan? You might have brief idea about that but there are certain terms and condition also mentioned which might be you don’t know. So, first clear all the doubts related to auto financing loans and then we move further.

Car Loans
Car Loans

Borrowers take out auto loans to buy new, old, or both types of commercial or personal vehicles. Automobiles themselves are used as collateral for secured loans like auto loans. Lenders provide it for commercial vehicles, new automobiles, used cars, two wheelers (usually referred to as a two-wheeler loan), and new and used cars (generally called a Commercial Vehicle Loan).

Types of Auto Loan :

Whenever you go buy a new vehicle then based on the type of the vehicle there are various type of Loans. So, below we discuss different Types of Auto Loan.

1. Car Loan : To buy a brand-new car of your choice, you can obtain a car loan. Typically, lenders will finance up to 90% of the on-road price of the car, with the remaining 10% required as a down payment. The ex-showroom price of a new car is included in the on-road pricing, along with registration fees paid to the Regional Transport Office (RTO), insurance premiums, road tax, etc. Typically, a car loan has a seven-year repayment period. Over the selected period, the Car Loans can be repaid in manageable EMIs.

2. Commercial Loan : Loans for the purchase of automobiles for commercial or business use are provided to borrowers, who are typically self-employed people, trusts, partnership businesses, organizations, etc. Those working in the transportation industry can apply for these car loans. Buses, trucks, tippers, tankers, light commercial vehicles, and compact commercial vehicles can all be purchased with a commercial vehicle loan.

3. Bike Loan : A two-wheeler is a great vehicle for navigating traffic, especially in a city with plenty of people. It is fuel-efficient, small, and enables comfortable short-distance travel. You can purchase geared motorcycles and non-geared scooters with Two-Wheeler Loans. Most lenders provide Two-Wheeler Loans with up to 100% financing and a five-year maximum repayment period. Such loans can be financed up to a limit of Rs 10 lakh. Once more, in order to be accepted for this loan, you must present documentation of your income and creditworthiness.

Generally, best auto loan rates are in between 6.50 t o 8% onwards. That’s why average car loan interest rate is 7.5 to 7.75% onwards. There are lots of big organization offer the car loan like bank of America auto loan, wells Fargo auto loan, navy federal auto loan, etc.

How to apply for a Auto Loan online?

Let’s see what to do if you want buy Auto loan so how you can apply online using internet. This will make your work easier and at home you can buy your car loan with best car loan interest rate. Here we take example of Mahindra Finance platform.

  • First, visit the website.
  • Step 2 : Pick your item
  • Step 3 : Get your loan approved.
  • Step 4 : Obtain loan approval and disbursement

This is very simple process to get Auto loan online. In auto loans for bad credit you can also apply for your auto loan. Some of the dealer offer bad credit car dealerships with good car loan rates. Try to find best auto loan rates with good car financing deals.

Eligibility of Car Loan :

Now let’s see that what are the eligibility criteria. There are different eligibility criteria based on dealer terms and condition. You can’t consider as genera might be it some time change age or other category. So, just for knowledge purpose you can read it.

  • Employees of private limited enterprises and those employed by public sector organizations, such as federal, state, and local governments, are included in this.
  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old at the time of application and cannot be more than 60 when the loan term ends.
  • Those who have worked for at least 2 years, at least 1 of those years with their current employer
  • those who make at least Rs. 3,00,000 annually, including the income of their partners or co-applicants
  • People who own a phone or post-paid mobile

Benefits of Auto Loan :

Here we can see the different benefits you get after car finance and how it will work in future.

  • Can be repaid in simple EMIs – You can choose your own simple equivalent monthly instalments (EMIs) for your auto loan repayment. These EMIs will depend on the repayment period you select as well as the interest rate the lender will charge. Your pressure of having to make a sizable loan repayment payment all at once is lessened by using EMIs. Instead, you might make modest payments as you can afford to do so.
  • No need to submit collateral – When you apply for a car loan, the vehicle itself will serve as your only form of security. The vehicle will be hypothecated to the bank, and in the event of a payment default, the lender will have the right to confiscate the vehicle, sell it at auction, and recoup the unpaid loan balance. You don’t have to offer any additional security or collateral to get a car loan.
  • Excellent for establishing your credit history – If you borrow money for a car and pay it back on time, your credit rating will rise. Because lenders will know you can pay them back, they will be more likely to offer you favorable terms, such as lower interest rates or the elimination of processing costs.
  • Offers extra perks – These days, many lenders will give you extras like free maintenance, free road tax, etc. when you take out a car loan. Even while taking for a car loan for these extra benefits might not be the best idea, it can’t hurt!

Do’s and Don’ts when applying for an Auto Loan:

Whenever you buy best car loans with best car loan rates what to do that will help to improve your credit score and not harm in future.


  • Before requesting a car loan, get a copy of your credit report.
  • Understand the fees and interest rates.
  • Sort out your paperwork.
  • Check the fees for prepayment or foreclosure.


  • Do not overestimate your ability to pay your EMIs.

Documents Required for Auto Loan:

Let’s see that what are the document required for any auto loans. As above we said in criteria that it might be changed same thing also apply here. For example we take documents require for HDFC bank.

  • Valid passport Permanent
  • driver’s licence (laminated, recent, and readable)
  • Voters ID Card
  • A letter from the National Population Register including information on name and address
  • Aadhar Card (but only if willingly submitted and supported by an Aadhar consent letter.
  • The physical copy’s first eight digits of the Aadhar number will be redacted.
  • You can print an e-Aadhar or a physical Aadhar card (not older than 30 days from the date of application).
  • 2. Recent pay stubs and Form 16s are acceptable income evidence.
  • 3. A six-month prior bank statement


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