What is Secured Loan? Different Types of Secured Loan and Eligibility Criteria with Benefits


Here in this post, we discuss related to secured loan. Different types of Secured loan. There are mainly two types of loan secured and unsecured loan which you should take and which are the benefits of them we all discuss here. As well you also find here mortgage rates, personal loan interest rate, gold loan interest rate and Home loan interest rate.

What is Secured Loan :

Before you request any other information let’s see that What is Secured Loan and meaning of that. Because most of are aware related to this term but what are the extra terms and conditions for taking secured loan.

Secured Loan Eligibility
Secured Loan Eligibility

Business or personal loans that include a requirement for collateral are known as secured loans. In circumstances when your credit is insufficient to be approved for an unsecured loan or for substantial loans that are being used to buy a specific asset, a bank or lender may ask for collateral. Due to the lesser risk they provide to lenders, secured loans may be able to offer borrowers lower interest rates. However, some secured loans, such as short-term instalment loans and personal loans for those with bad credit, may have higher interest rates.

If we see the Secured loan example then A loan that is secured has collateral as security. Mortgages and auto loans are the two most popular varieties of secured loans; in the case of these loans, the collateral is your home or vehicle. In actuality, though, collateral might be any type of financial asset you own.

Types of Secured Loan :

There are different types of secured loan might be there are most of loan are secured but how you considered that loan is secured or not. We discuss one by one with additional information.

  1. Home loan : A housing loan meaning is a secured loan that is acquired for the purpose of buying a property by pledging the asset as security. Home loans provide high-value financing with reasonable interest rates and lengthy terms. EMIs are used to pay them back. The borrower receives title to the property back after repayment. There is different home loan interest rate based on your loan provider.

A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, is a credit line secured by your property that allows you a revolving credit line to utilize for big purchases or to consolidate debt from other loans with higher interest rates, like credit cards. So, check now home equity loan rates or home loan rates if you want home loan. This is the best secured loans against house.

  • Loan against property (LAP) : A loan against property (LAP) is exactly what its name suggests! a loan made or disbursed in exchange for your property’s mortgage. This loan is granted at a specific proportion of the property’s market value, typically between 40% and 60%, which sets it apart from a home loan right away. Now check your loan against property interest rate if you already have.

Or if you think to take this loan then loan against property eligibility criteria and apply for it. This loan against property without income proof are totally wrong you can’t get loan without the address proof. There are lots of loan against property interest rate calculator available in market for calculate interest rate.  

3. Loans against insurance policies : Many lending institutions provide a product called a loans against insurance policies that enables you to take advantage of the aforementioned advantages. Keep in mind, though, that you can only borrow against certain types of life insurance. For instance, a loan application is eligible for a permanent or entire life insurance policy.

4. Gold loans : Many lending institutions provide a product called a loan against insurance policy that enables you to take advantage of the aforementioned advantages. Keep in mind, though, that you can only borrow against certain types of life insurance. For instance, a loan application is eligible for a permanent or entire life insurance policy. Currently gold loan interest rate to 1800-3000 Rs for 18-22 carat. If you want to count EMIs then use gold loan EMI calculator which makes your task easy.

5. Loans against mutual funds and shares : You use your MF units as collateral for the loan when you take out a digital loan against mutual funds. As security for the loan, the bank holds the Mutual Fund units until you have paid it back. While they are still entrusted to the bank as collateral, your mutual funds will continue to generate returns.

6. Loans against fixed deposits : A loans against fixed deposits meaning is Customers can use their fixed deposit as security for a loan against their FD, which is a sort of secured loan. The amount of the FD deposit determines the loan’s amount. This may equal 90% to 95% of the initial deposit.

7. Personal loan : Any circumstance in which a person borrows money for a personal purpose, including making investments in a business, is referred to as a personal. Three components are shared by all personal loans: Proof of the debt the sum borrowed. If you want instant personal loan then there are lots of loan provider who can do this. Just find best personal loans provider with low interest rate.

Just see the personal loan eligibility criteria and passed them. If you have personal loans for bad credit then also you will get personal loan.

8. Mortgage loans : Another name for mortgage loans is “loans against property.” A mortgage loan can be used to refinance real estate or to buy, build, or remodel a home. Getting a new loan for a piece of property while the old one is still being paid off is referred to as refinancing. Typically, it is done to obtain a loan with better terms. So, just know your mortgage interest rates if you want mortgage loan and if you already take this loan then know your mortgage rates today current. Current mortgage rates are listed below.

ProductRateLast week
30-year fixed7.23%7.22%
15-year fixed6.44%6.46%
30-year jumbo mortgage rate7.21%7.22%
30-year mortgage refinance rate7.23%7.23%

Wells fargo is very famous company in this field so once you just see wells fargo mortgage rates if you want this loan. So, mortgage interest rates today and compare with others.

Let’s see the difference between housing loan and mortgage loan where main difference is You can use a home loan to get money to renovate, build, or purchase a house. The house or other property is regarded by lenders as collateral for the loan. On the other hand, mortgage loans are borrowed sums that are secured by real estate, or loans against properties.

Secured Loan Eligibility :

Here we see the Secured Loan Eligibility criteria which you need to pass if you take any of the above loan. For different loan provider there are different criteria so just you take as your reference.

  • Although 18 is the legal age to enter into a contract, most banks demand that applicants be at least 21 years old.
  • The borrower must reside in India in order to apply for a loan there.
  • Additionally, most banks provide loans to NRIs, NREs, and NROs.
  • A particular minimum annual income is typically required, which is typically Rs. 3 lakhs, though this varies from loan to lender.
  • Candidates may be salaried employees, independent contractors, professionals, or corporate entities.
  • Also eligible for loans are HUFs and farmers.
  • Candidates must have assets worth enough to cover the loan amount. Then, this item will be made available as loan collateral.

Benefits of Secured Loan :

  • Any lawful reason is permissible to use it.
  • For a secured loan, your credit score doesn’t have to be flawless.
  • Usually, you can borrow larger sums.
  • Possible access to cheaper interest rates
  • The payments could be stretched out over a longer length of time.
  • Repayments can be used to raise your credit score.
  • Lowest Rate of Interest
  • Increase credibility

Documents Require for Secured Loan :

  • PAN Card
  • Paystubs from the last three months are acceptable as evidence of income.
  • Rental agreement, passport, landline bill, mobile phone bill with post-paid service, bank statement
  • Identification documents such as a driver’s license, passport, Aadhaar, and voter ID
  • Driver’s license, PAN card, or passport as proof of age
  • bank records from the previous six months
  • Proof of employment: Form 16, Offer Letter, Relieving Letter


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